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Dragon Books: Ash Drake (Incomplete)
Dragon Books: Ash Drake
A dark night on the eve of the Blood Ritual, a hatchling took its first breaths. Emerging from the shattered egg shell was a baby ash drake. Once a year, the people of the Bad Lands come out of their dark, dusty caves and onto the desert to feed a captured child to a new baby ash drake. The prison child started crying when he saw the large, ferocious looking hatchling in front of him. Although he was an infant, the drake was ten feet long, with large, scary orange eyes and jagged teeth.
“This is the great new god-prince you see before you!” shouted a red robed Blood Priest, pointing a finger at the ash drake from the top of a large black and white temple.
“His name shall, from this hour hence forth, be Izac! Blood Prince!” a roar went up from the crowd.
“And now, here is our sacrifice to the Ash God Hirondie! A child for his young to feast upon!” boomed the evil priest. The child was pushed into a cage with the creature.
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The Age Of Dreams: Mayor Mind Control (Incomplete)
The Age Of Dreams: Mayor Mind Control
(And Oriole once again wants to do things the ‘hard’ way.)
Chapter One
Ah, a normal day in www.Gamers.Town, home of Super Blasters 2, a brand new game created by the finest gamers in the land. It is also where Team Byrd makes their hideout. They should be avoided at all costs. At least by mean grown-ups. But back to the game. It just so happens to be the topic of this week’s town meeting.
“Attention!” the mayor, a man of 42, called to the citizens of www.Gamers.Town. They were all in the mayor’s house. It was a large stone building in the center of town. The mayor and his wife lived in the east side of the place while events (such as this) were in the west. Beautiful gardens surrounded the house. Of course, being the town of video games, all plants are holographic. But still, fake flowers are pretty. Everyone (well, all most everyone, Team Byrd aren’t allowed, seeing as they’re criminals) were si
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Pixel Genie and Dragonfly (Might and Magic) by RevengeRevisited Pixel Genie and Dragonfly (Might and Magic) :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 0 0 Ceramic Blue Dragon by RevengeRevisited Ceramic Blue Dragon :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 1 0 I Fell from the Sky by RevengeRevisited I Fell from the Sky :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 1 0 Still-life Duck in Space by RevengeRevisited Still-life Duck in Space :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 2 0 Giant Cave Spider by RevengeRevisited Giant Cave Spider :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 4 0 Orca by RevengeRevisited Orca :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 4 0 Garden Fish by RevengeRevisited Garden Fish :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 2 0 Ferret by RevengeRevisited Ferret :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 3 1 Chimera Skeleton by RevengeRevisited Chimera Skeleton :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 0 0 Hyena Cub by RevengeRevisited Hyena Cub :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 3 0
[PORNOTYPE] 1 1/2: Alex Revisitz Revenge
[PORNOTYPE] 1 1/2: Alex Revisitz Revenge Pert 1 of 1
2012 RevengeRevisited
Dis is the EPIC story of Alex Mercer the pornotype. I think Allex is real cool an he is the best guy EVAR!!! He is a pornotype who looks kinda like a cross between Jacob Cullen and Justim Beiber (justine u rock! OXOXOXO) but alot cooler and hawter cause he has raven blak hairs and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and he has supa powers and stuff. An hes so smexy and cool Alex roxx! (also im noot gay im a GIRL)
And now fer the story!!1:
Chapter I
Alex was shitting on his couch watching tv. He was watching Justun Beeber Never Sya Never (alot of cool guys lik justen k no homo) an eating poopcorn. Just than... da phone rang!! Alex pick up the pone.
"Konichiwa!" said Alex. (Alx nose japanes cause he ate a japan guy)
"Alex Mcer." it was a scary voice on teh phone! "Meat me infont of the White Haus."
"Wut???" asked Alex all confused like. The phone hung up. Alex wanted to know who was callin so he checked the nu
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Still-life Cat Skull by RevengeRevisited Still-life Cat Skull :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 0 0 Still-life Prairie Chicken by RevengeRevisited Still-life Prairie Chicken :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 1 0 The Umbrellas (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) by RevengeRevisited The Umbrellas (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) :iconrevengerevisited:RevengeRevisited 0 0

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Revenge Revisited
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Thank you everyone who favorites my art!
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    Alright, so, here's my gameplan: every few days I'm going to be uploading new content, but here's the catch:
Most of it, dare I say 99.9% of it, is old art that I've made going back the past decade. That's right, I said decade. From 2006 onwards, whatever old art files I can find. (Maybe some going back even farther, if I can find any). The vast majority will be digital art (just 'cause that's easier to find/upload than traditional art).
    Honestly, I really want to do this so I have a clear way of seeing how I've progressed over the years. The new, and by new, I mean 2016, art will be coming, but this *is* a pretty big undertaking, (scrounging up all this old art, that is). In other words, this whole endeavor is a WIP, but progress *is* being made on the Overwatch art, and in fact, I will be uploading the first new piece tonight. Enjoy!

--Thank you everyone, Revenge Revisited

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